The Coscious Body


                                                                The Movement & Improvisation Trainning 

                                                                  With Noam Carmeli & Michael Shachrur


Thursdays 10:00-17:00, 17/10/2013 - 26/6/2014



This program aims at embodied self development and professional development as movement artists and teachers. It is open to experienced movers and teachers as well as beginners.



10:00-12:00  Body-Mind Centering® (BMC®) - Michael Shachrur


BMC is an exploratory embodiment approach. It includes two elements that are weaved together: embodied anatomy and developmental movement. The process involves the use of diverse learning modalities – movement, touch, voice, theoretical study with anatomical models and texts and some art.


13:00-15:00  Flowork and Contact Improvisation – Noam Carmeli


Flowork is a technique for effective, released and flowing movement, based on principles from Aikido, Ilan Lev technique, Contact Improvisation, Gaga and Qi Gong. We learn to sense the movement in our body and let it happen in atunement with the natural laws, the environment and our movement partners. 


15:15-17:00 Improvisation Lab – Noam Carmeli Michael Shachrur and guests


The improvisation lab is a space for creative exploration of the possibilities of movement-behavior-performance in different situations. Improvisation connects the realms of movement and behavior and as such touches directly on real life and human communication. The process will emphasize developing personal style, group improvisation and improvisation as art. The class will work as a lab, enabling active participation in shaping the learning process.



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